Ciudad de Belice

This is one of the most interesting tours in Belize. After an hour's drive up the Northern Highway, you board a riverboat at Tower Hill and head up the New River. While traversing the many little creeks and lagoons, it is easy to encounter hawks, kites and falcons. You may also see dainty Jacanas lightly walking on the lily pads while the crocodiles bask in the morning sunlight. At the entrance to the New River Lagoon, the ruins of Lamanai (Maya for "Submerged Crocodile") rise into view.

Itinerario (1 Día)

Inicia en: Ciudad de Belice
Salida Garantizada: Todos los Días
Disponibilidad: Todo el año
Salida: En su hotel
Duracion: 8.5 horas
Hora de Salida: 7:45 a.m.
Nivel: Moderado
Participants should be in moderate physical condition with no physical limitations to participate.

While touring this site, huge masks depicting dead rulers and gods seem to materialize out of the rainforest amid the chatter of birdlife and the haunting call of the Howler Monkeys. Your guide will point out the Copal and Ramon trees, which were of great importance in ancient times.

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Lamanai & The New River Safari and Zip Lining

Todo el año
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