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Consider talking to us about your planned Guatemala vacation. Our Guatemala travel specialists are in Guatemala and will be making sure you visit all the sights which are relevant to you. We know that you can book hotels and other services online, but the choices at an unknown destination can be overwhelming or confusing. We make sure all will go well and you will have a memorable vacation.

Here are a few of the many ways we help you to make sure your dreams become reality:

Destination guidance and setting an itinerary
We know Guatemala well and have stayed at most hotels ourselves. We don’t depend on reviews posted by strangers but share un-biased information with you. Our knowledge is acquired first hand and we can recommend you and the ones you travel with the right destinations. Guatemala is not a country to just wing it. We provide you with a clear cut itinerary and plan the most efficient way of transportation for you.

Better customer service and advocating on behalf of you
We hold your hand from the minute you contact us until you return home. We advocate for you and assist in case an unforeseen event happens. If you miss a flight we offer support and take care of changing your reservations. When there is an issue we will intervene on your behalf and help out. You can talk to us locally in Guatemala. We are real people and work things out; our job is on the line for every trip we sell.

Saving you money and getting you perks
We can’t promise that we save you money, but that is not to say we don’t hold costs down. And sometimes we are able to save you a significant amount of money. We know the discounts and promotions and the best days to travel. We save you time to research the perfect trip. Once we get to know you and what you are looking for, we can combine all parts for a complete Guatemala vacation package. We have long established partnerships with the best hotels in Guatemala and sometimes can get you a free room upgrades, free pick up and or perks to make you feel special.

Offering extended payment plans and budgeting
Unless online booking sites where you must pay on the spot we only require a deposit at the time of booking. You can elect to pay the balance in one lump sum or you can make payments in installments as your trip departure date nears. We map out exactly how much your trip will cost you so there won’t be any surprises.

Knowing the right travel insurance
We recommend travel insurance to protect your vacation investment. There is a time and place for travel insurance and we will remind you to consider whether insurance is recommend for a particular trip, and taking into account your age, your health and your medical coverage. We have teamed up with Squaremouth which lets you compare hundreds of insurance products from more than 20 different insurance providers. Every major travel insurance provider is represented for comparison and review.

Insight into Guatemala
You will most likely not find the once-in-a-lifetime experience online. That is where our specialists come in. We know what to see in Guatemala, and what is not overbooked or about to become the next big thing. We have resources and contacts at our fingertips which you don’t. Even in the age of the Internet there is still so much left unknown, especially if you are looking for a personalized experience.

In short, if you have not contacted us yet, you are missing out on a chance to save time and hassles and aggravation—and often, money as well.


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